Why Does My Dog Sit On My Feet Or Between My Legs

Have you ever just sat down on your sofa or your comfy chair and then you feel a lump of furriness on your feet? You look down and see your dog looking back at you with their adorable little eyes. 5 minutes go by, and your furry friend moves off your feet and joins you on the sofa and crawls between your legs. So why do our furry companions like to sit on our feet and between our legs?

There are many possible reasons as to why dogs might do this. One reason is they’re trying to show affection to you, how cute! Sitting on your feet or lying in between your legs is their way of showing affection, like a cuddle. Being close to their favourite human is a sign the bond you share is a very close one, it’s them saying you’re part of their pack!

Like humans, dogs want to be close to those who make them happiest to provide them with comfort and reassurance, so if your dog does this quite regularly, you can take it as a compliment as you’re their favourite! But dogs also return the favour, if you aren’t feeling the best your pup might sit on your feet or get close to you to provide you comfort as they’re very good at reading human emotions.

If your dog is a little more skittish and nervous, they may sit on your feet or between your legs to feel safer because they see you as a protector. If there’s something new to their environment like a new person or new noises, they may hide by standing on your feet or being very close to you for you to provide security and protection.

So next time your dog sits on your feet, take a second to think why that might be!