Customer Reviews for Puppy Food

Have you got a new puppy and are looking at new foods? Want to know what our customers are thinking? Look no further! Check out some of our recent reviews below:

“We mixed this as advised on the packet with the cheap shops own brand that the owner had been using (poo green and runny) - once she had been on it 48 hours the poo was instantly better. We are now increasing the amount of this food and reducing the amount of the poor quality food until she's 100% on the good stuff. All explained on the packet, which is great as we are first time owners.”

– Mike K. (Complete Dog Food For Puppies – Semi-Moist 3kg)

“My dogs have never been keen on kibble, and I did try a couple of 'semi-moist' dog foods which interested them a bit, but they clearly were not really enjoying eating it. They adore Alpha Spirit and their bowls are licked clean every time! It has quite a strong meaty smell which I think makes a huge difference to them.”

– Sharon T. (Complete Dog Food For Puppies – Semi-Moist 1.5kg)

“I am Spanish and I live in the UK. I acquired a boxer puppy that I wanted to feed properly. In my search I came across a YouTube channel run by a Spanish veterinarian specialising in nutrition. She is among 5 brands of dog food, she placed this brand of feed at number one, luckily I found her in the UK. The delivery service is excellent, and the food is wonderful. It is one of the best brands of dog food, better than many high-end foods that are recommended by many vets.”

– Juan Carlos M. (Complete Dog Food For Puppies – The Only One 12kg)

“My dog ​​didn't want to eat dry food, I bought a lot but to no avail. In addition, the composition of these foods was terrible. When I bought this food my dog can't wait to get it and eats it with gusto which I haven't seen before, and this composition is not garbage but the right composition for a dog. Now I know that I will not trade this food for any other.”

Maria W. (Complete Dog Food For Puppies – The Only One 12kg)