Pet Behaviour – Why Is Your Dog Barking?

Barking is one of the most common forms of verbal communication for dogs, and each bark has a different meaning depending on its length, volume, and pitch. They all serve different purposes for the dog.

One of the most common reasons why dogs bark is for territorial reasons. Dogs are naturally territorial animals and will excessively bark at anything that enters their territory, which typically includes your home, car, or any other place they consider their own. These barks are usually rapid, with slight pauses between them.

More playful and welcoming barks are typically higher in pitch and more frequent. Your dog is trying to invite you to play and welcome you. This behaviour is often accompanied by a wagging tail and a happy face from your furry friend. However, if your dog is not the barking type, they might also whine as an invitation to come and play.

Another reason why dogs might bark is to let you know they are in pain, or something is hurting them. This type of bark is usually short and very high-pitched, making it easy to recognize that your pup is in distress.

Some dogs bark when they hear others barking, which is known as socially facilitated barking. They feel the need to join in and have their bark heard, even if the other dogs are not nearby or in sight.

However, excessive barking can be bothersome. If your pup barks at anything and everything, this behaviour can be trained and improved using dog treats. At Sabre Pet Food, we offer a wide range and variety of treats for your dog that are both healthy and tasty!