Love Parks Week - 28th July to 6th August

Love Parks Week runs from 28th July to 6th August and is an annual celebration of our brilliant green spaces which include fields and parks, and those who look after and maintain them so they’re clean and safe for everyone including our furry friends.

If you’re a pet parent, you know how important open green spaces are for your furry companion, seeing their faces light up when they see a big green open field in front of them to run around on and play catch on. These spaces are more precious and important to us than most think, they bring communities together and provide a space for nature within our neighbourhoods.

Anyone can take part in Love Parks Week all you need to do is keep your local park or green space clean and free from litter and help those fabulous volunteers who do it frequently.

So why not celebrate Love Parks Week by taking your furry friend to your local park for a nice nature filled work or for those more active dogs, bring a ball and play catch so your companion can have a good run around in your local green space. If your furry friend is a pup, why not do some training like recall training or walking nicely on the lead, training treats are essential for this, and here at Sabre Pet Food we have a wide variety of healthy and tasty treats which will be a great reward for your pup!