Sabre's Guide To Your Cats Behaviour

Your felines behaviour at times can be confusing and there are no translators for their meows, but we’ve done our research here at Sabre and we’ve got a couple of hints at what your cat really means when they lick you, scratch the furniture and why they insist on knocking everything off the coffee table.


You’ll notice a lot that your feline friend likes to lick themselves and if you guessed that they do this to keep clean you’re right! Cats are self-cleaning animals and take pride in how they present themselves. They have all the necessities for grooming themselves alongside an instinct to regularly clean themselves. You may notice they also might like the lick you too. It’s widely believed and accepted that they do so as a display of affection, and they are creating a tight bond between you and them as your felines mum licked them to show affection and groom them.


Usually, your cat looks straight at you before they knock something over as if it was personal and they wanted a reaction. Cats are natural explorers and curious and they explore their environment through touch and seeing how an object moves when they touch it. If it’s an object they haven’t seen before and they bat it and it rolls, they sometimes think its prey running away which encourages them to pounce.


Scratching the furniture is an interesting one as it has different meanings. One reason why they do this is to give their claws a good clipping and keep them in good shape, and like grooming themselves, this is an ingrained behaviour. Another reason is to mark their territory, they typically do this when another cat is in the house or if another cat lives nearby, it’s a way for them to communicate with each other, as they are territorial animals.


It’s a common belief that when cats are hungry, they make it well known by meowing, but perceptive cat parents can tell the difference between each meow, like a meow when they’re bored or scared. But when the hungry meow comes out, Sabre Pet Food is the place to go as we offer a great range of cat food which will help maintain your feline friend’s little ‘quirks’ and, most importantly, support your cat’s overall health including their heart and fur.