Preparing for a New Puppy

There is a lot to think about when you are getting a new puppy, especially for the first time. From ensuring they get a nutritious diet, to training and ensuring they get enough stimulation, it can feel like a daunting task.

Follow our top tips to ensure your new puppy gets off on the right paw.


1. A New Home to Explore

To a new puppy, your home is one big playground, so ensure your puppy stays safe by 'puppy proofing' before they arrive.

Provide secure area where your puppy can explore safely throughout the first couple of weeks, gradually introducing new spaces. Store away chewable objects that can be swallowed and secure any electrical items.

Puppies learn about their environment by putting things in their mouth, so be sure to provide your new arrival with fun chew toys and games that they can play with safely.

New puppies like to have a safe place or ‘den’ area for sleeping and resting. This space should include a welcoming bed and blanket, if possible that smells like the puppy’s mother to help them feel relaxed.


 2. Feeding Time

Ensure your new puppy gets a protein-rich diet to support their growth and provide all the vital nutrients they will need to develop into a healthy adult.

As a rule, divide the daily food allowance into four portions, which are to be fed throughout the day (spaced out). Once your puppy reaches approx. 3 months of age, you can then cut them down to three meals per day, and at 6 months, go to feeding them twice daily.

Our range of Alpha Spirit puppy foods are high in protein and packed with all the essential nutrients to nourish your puppy and ensure they get the best start in life.

The crunchy texture of ‘The Only One’ kibble helps to promote good oral hygiene in your puppy and keeps your puppies’ teeth clean and healthy.

Is your puppy a picky eater? Struggling with the crunchy texture of kibble? Our Alpha Spirit Semi-Moist puppy food is a great, nutritious choice for puppies who are fussy eaters. This semi-moist formula is highly palatable and can be a great choice for puppies who are struggling to eat and crunch completely dry kibble.

Packed with fresh ingredients, the Alpha Spirit range of puppy foods are grain-free, gluten free, meat meal free and are full of high-quality proteins, to help your puppy develop into a healthy and happy dog.


3. Learning & Development

Toilet training is an essential stage of a puppies learning and development and should begin immediately when you bring your puppy home. Your puppy is bound to have accidents, but with consistent training and a positive attitude, they will quickly stop.

Puppies are quick learners and basic obedience training can begin as soon as you get your puppy home. Try basic commands like ‘sit, ‘down’ and ‘stay’, rewarding and prising good behaviour.

To help your puppy develop into a well-rounded and calm adult dog, play with your puppy’s ears and feet. This will help in later years, especially if you need to make vet visits. Hand feeding your puppy treats can be a good way for family members to bond with them and build trust.


4. Socialisation and New Experiences

Early socialisation with other dogs and humans is a very important stage in a puppy’s life.  For your puppy to grow and develop into a happy and relaxed dog, it is important that they have positive social experiences early on.

Once your puppy is fully vaccinated, you are safe to get them out and about, meeting new people and dogs, along with experiencing new smells, textures, and noises. Providing enriching experiences when your puppy is young will help to ensure they do not become easily stressed, sensitive to noises or anxious as adult dogs.

Remember to carry some tasty treats with you when you are out and about to reinforce good behaviour and to keep your puppies focus on you while training.

View our collection of meaty treats here.


5. Engaging Playtime

Puppies can get bored very easily, which can lead to naughty behaviour and developing bad habits. However, this can be easily avoided by engaging with your puppy during playtime.

Puzzles, training sessions, and interactive feeding toys will provide your puppy with plenty of mental stimulation and will help to promote good behaviour.

As your puppy gets older, our range of Alpha Spirit Pate Pouches are a great treat to use on interactive feeding mats or toys to keep them entertained and provide a healthy meal.