Learn about our Sabre Pet Food bestsellers!

Over time, we have seen certain foods that truly gets the tails wagging of canines and felines and we are here to share them with you.

From Wild Fish to Semi-Moist Puppy Food, with Alpha Spirit you can provide the healthiest diet to your pets whilst they enjoy the tastiest daily meals.

Discover the top 10 bestsellers below:


  • 7 Days Formula Complete Dry Dog Food
  • Iberian Sardine Complete Dry Cat Food
  • Wild Fish Complete Dry Dog Food
  • Multi-Protein Complete Dry Dog Food
  • Iberian Salmon Complete Dry Cat Food
  • Ham Mousse Complete Wet Cat Food
  • Complete Dry Dog Food for Puppies
  • All Tastes Dog Treat Bar Strings
  • Multi-Protein Semi-Moist Complete Dog Food
  • Veal Pate Cat Mousse Pouch


Even if you are struggling to find a food that agrees with your four-legged friends’ tummy, the Alpha Spirit range has the benefit of being grain-free and gluten-free, helping to aid allergies and give them a chance to enjoy consistent meals!