January is Walk Your Dog Month!

Walk Your Dog Month celebrates keeping your dog healthy and active during the colder season of Winter and what better way to kickstart your new year’s resolutions than to increase your dog walks?

After the indulgence of the delicious Christmas food from not only yourselves but your furry friends too, having regular and longer dog walks in January will help you both feel the refreshment of a new year and will remove a few of those treats from your dog’s belly!

January may seem like a bit of a cold month to start increasing the length of your dog walks but if you can’t start in January when can you?

Not only will dog walks help you get out in the fresh air, but they will also help your furry friend's health by avoiding clinical obesity and increasing their fitness.

It does not have to be a long walk, you could even start small by walking your dog to the shops instead of taking the car and that walk could make you and your dog feel that little bit more refreshed!

If you have decided to take part in Walk Your Dog month, we would love to see some of the journeys you and your furry friends have been on, go to our Instagram page here: https://www.instagram.com/sabrepetfood/  and tag us in a photo of you and your dog kickstarting your January walks for a reshare on our stories!