A Guide to Alpha Spirit Cat Food

Here at Sabre Pet Food, we offer a wide selection of cat food so it’s a bit of a maze when trying to figure out which cat food is best for your cat so here’s a guide to help!


Primal Spirit Dry Cat Food

The Primal Spirit selection comes in two different options, one for sterilised and one for normal cats. Both options are made with 75% fresh ingredients to ensure your cat gets all the vital nutrients they need to be happy and healthy. Both options have no gluten, meat meal, artificial colours or flavourings and are not extruded.


Alpha Spirit Wet Cat Food

Stored in pouches, our Alpha Spirit Complete Mousse Cat Food is suitable for both cats and kittens of all breeds, they have been prepared with only the freshest ingredients to supply your cat with all of the needed nutrients, it is also grain and gluten-free making it ideal for your cat if they have any food intolerances.

Our range contains ingredients that help support your cat’s brain, heart, nerves, and immune function resulting in a happy and healthy cat.

The Cat Mousse comes in many different flavours, so they’ll definitely be one your furry friend likes!


Alpha Spirit Cat Treats

Our range of Cat Treats are a great way to reward your cat or to supplement their diet as they are filled with high nutrients and have the best amount of taurine to aid development.