Why does my food have a very bad smell?

We understand how important it is for our customers to know exactly what they’re feeding their beloved pets. With this in mind, we have taken time to gather as much information about the food, its ingredients, and the manufacturing process, as we can to ensure we answer all your questions and give you the best level of advice we possibly can.

Recently we were asked why our collection of complete dry and semi-moist dog food can have a bad smell.

Due to the high meat content within our pet foods, it can be quite potent and strong smelling, particularly when first opening the bag, but this is not something that should cause alarm, as it is completely normal.

For dog owners who are looking to avoid the smell, our Semi-Moist Dog Food 9kg Boxes are great! The food in the 9kg boxes comes in individual packs, making it much easier to monitor your dog’s consumption and avoid causing any unnecessary smells, as you’ll only have to open what you use.

Plus, the packaging is 100% recyclable!

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