UK Distributor of Alpha Spirit Pet Food

Sabre Pet Food are proud to be the UK distributor of Alpha Spirit Dog Food.

The Alpha Spirit brand strives to promote the well-being and natural feeding of dogs, by offering a collection of products which are balanced to provide your pet with the optimum natural diet, to closely resemble the one they would have enjoyed in the wild.

Let’s explore benefits of the various complete dog foods in the Alpha Spirit range.


‘The Only One’ Alpha Spirit Complete Dry Dog Food

Alpha Spirit Dry dog foods are packed with all the essential nutrients your dog needs and act as a great all-rounder food for all dog breeds. The crunchy texture of the kibble helps to promote good oral hygiene in your dog, acting as a cleaning method in removing plaque.

In contrast, dry dog food is not recommended if your dog has dental problems. See our range of Alpha Spirit Semi-Moist and Wet Dog Foods for a more suitable alternative.

Packed with fresh ingredients, the Alpha Spirit range of dog foods are grain-free, gluten free, meat meal free and are full of high-quality proteins, to promote a healthy and happy dog. 

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Alpha Spirit Semi-Moist Complete Dog Food

Alpha Spirit Semi-Moist dog foods are a great choice for dogs who are ‘picky’ eaters.

Made using the finest fresh ingredients with multiple protein sources such as fresh chicken, fish, and duck, the semi-moist formula is highly palatable and can be generally fed as dry food, as per the recommended feeding guide.

The texture of this formula is easy to serve and can be beneficial to dogs with a delicate digestive system, dental problems, or missing teeth, and will ensure they get all the nutrition needed to stay healthy.

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Alpha Spirit Complete Wet Dog Food

The Alpha Spirit wet dog foods are packed with all the essential nutrients found in dry foods, however their higher moisture content can prove be highly palatable and more flavourful to some dogs.

We currently stock two different types of Alpha Spirit wet dog foods, the Pate Pouches and Complete Canned Foods.

Pate Pouches: Suitable for dogs of all life stages, the Alpha Spirit Pate Pouches are grain and gluten free and will provide your dog with a nutritional blend of proteins and minerals.

Complete Canned Dog Foods: The Alpha Spirit wet canned dog foods are a complete food, enriched with fresh fruit to ensure your dog has a balanced, healthy and flavour-packed diet.


We also stock a range of healthy treats and snacks for your dog to enjoy. Click here for the range: Dog Treats & Snacks (

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