The Golden Retriever Experience: How they’re getting on

In November last year, we partnered up with the Golden Retriever Experience in Somerset. The GRE is a fun-filled day out, where customers get to enjoy the company of the gorgeous Goldens and spend the day fussing and playing with them until their hearts are content.

Since the partnership began the dogs have been enjoying a selection of our Alpha Spirit Dog Food and our Dog Hip and Joint Supplement, powerpaws. We were really keen on finding out how the dogs have been getting on, so we spoke to the staff at The GRE and here’s what they had to say:

“The dogs absolutely love the Wild Fish Complete! We have also been giving some of them the 7 Day Formula which they’re definitely enjoying too! Our puppies have been loving the Semi-Moist Food for Puppies and are now on the 7 Days Complete – The Only One, which they seem to be loving just as much. Our senior dogs (over 10 years) are having the Multi-Protein Semi-Moist and they can't get enough!”

We pride ourselves on the quality of the ingredients that is used in our food and we were keen to know if the Golden Retrievers have been displaying any physical differences or improvements in their general well-being since switching.

“The dogs have definitely put on some weight, which we’re really pleased about. It shows that they’ve certainly been enjoying their dinner. Their poops are nice and firm and darker in colour. I think this is down to the higher meat content in the Alpha Spirit food.”

Along with switching their food, The GRE team has also introduced powerpaws, our Joint and Hip Supplement, into their dogs’ diets.

“Any dog owner who goes the extra mile for their dogs knows that not everything comes in the dog food, so by giving them the supplements you can be sure that you’re giving them a total diet”, said Lauren from The GRE. She went on to tell us how much the dogs seem to be enjoying the flavour of the supplement and that it is clearly helping with their mobility.

“We’re so grateful for all of the support from Sabre Pet Food and we’re excited to continue working together (and eating together!)” said Lauren.

It’s fantastic to hear how well the Goldens have been getting on since switching to Sabre Pet Food! We’re still so excited about this partnership and we can’t wait to see how the dogs get on when the Summer Experience re-opens in April.  

More about The Golden Retriever Experience

The Golden Retriever Experience is a family-run attraction in West Somerset that gives the unique opportunity for guests to have a personal encounter with a pack of trained Golden Retrievers.

It was founded by father and daughter team Nicolas and Lauren in 2021, who decided to invite people to join their incredible pack of over 30 Golden Retrievers for some much-needed dog cuddles.

The Experience includes meeting all of the dogs, learning their names/ages, having cuddles with them, taking photos with them, and going on a short walk. With customer videos of the dogs often going viral on social media, The Golden Retriever Experience has gained popularity and press coverage all over the globe and is now one of the top tourist attractions in the UK!

To find out more, head over to their website.

More about the food and health supplement

The products that Sabre Pet Food has been supplying to The Golden Retriever Experience are:

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  • Multi-Protein Complete Dog Food Box – Semi-Moist (9kg) - Click here to shop or find out more
  • Complete Dog Food for Puppies – The Only One (12kg) - Click here to shop or find out more
  • 7 Days Formula Complete Dog Food – The Only One (12kg) - Click here to shop or find out more
  • Wild Fish Complete Dog Food – The Only One (12kg) - Click here to shop or find out more
  • powerpaws Premium Dog Hip and Joint Supplement – 108g - Click here to shop or find out more