Spring Essentials

The official start of Spring is March 20th!

With just a few days to go until a new season, you can get a head start by ensuring you are prepared for the lighter nights, later walks and warmer weather.

From Personalised Pet Bandanas to tasty Training Treats, get your pet’s tails wagging with excitement as they see their lead and favourite treeat being grabbed more often for a long Spring walk. 

Spring is home to special events such as Easter, bank holiday weekends, National Pet Month and so much more which you can enjoy with your pet and your family.

Personalised Pet Towels are also a must-have for your Spring dog walks as your furry friend will be filled with excitement whenever they see even a patch of water in their vision, which as we all know will end in muddy paws and a damp dog.

If you have a family holiday planned that involves a four-legged friend, you can pack a separate bag of essentials just to cater to their needs for events such as beach days, muddy trail walks, puddle pouncing and even rainy play dates.