New Year’s Resolutions for Your Four-Legged Buddy

We are officially two weeks in to 2024, which can only mean one thing… we’re halfway through January. Hurray! The New Year may already be upon us, but that doesn’t mean it's too late to set some resolutions for the rest of the year. It isn’t just humans who have some bad habits that might be worth saying goodbye to in 2024, our canine companions could also consider ditching some of their bad habits this year and picking up some new tricks along the way.

Here are some good New Year’s Resolutions for your dog to help them bounce through 2024, with their tails wagging.

  1. Make new friends

Dogs love socialising and meeting new buddies and they’re always looking to expand their furry friendship circle. Frantic chasing, tail-wagging, and play fighting are all on the agenda to form lifelong bonds. After all, more pals mean more playtime.

  1. Stop staring at my humans whilst they’re eating

Ah, the eternal struggle between irresistible smells and impeccable manners. Unfortunately, humans need a little space during mealtimes. It’s time to master the art of patience by not gazing longingly at our humans as they eat.

  1. Even more belly rubs

Very few things beat the joy provided by belly rubs. Roll onto your back and look cute for guaranteed attention.

  1. Give my humans more licks

Kisses are a dog's way of saying, ‘I love you!’ Aim to continue to show my humans just how much I love them with more loving licks.

  1. No more dirty puddle water

I don’t know what it is about puddle water that tastes so good, but it just does! This year I’ll make a conscious effort to drink the clean water my humans leave out for me, instead of dirty rainwater.

  1. Continue to bark at every single delivery driver I come across

As loyal defenders of the home, barking at strangers is an important part of the day job. Who needs neighbourhood watch when the pooch police are on duty?

  1. Eat more treats

It’s a rough job, but someone's got to do it. Eating more treats sounds like a good deal, especially Alpha Spirit ones.

  1. Continue to tell everyone I know about Sabre Pet Food

As they’re the only UK supplier of Alpha Spirit Pet Food, it’s my job to help them spread the word.

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