International Dog & Cat Day

International Dog and Cat Day are separate holidays in the UK. International Cat Day falls on 8th August, and International Dog Day is celebrated on 26th August. These days are dedicated to celebrating our beloved pets and the joy they bring into our lives. They also serve to raise awareness of the benefits of having a pet and promoting adoption! Here at Sabre Pet Food, we've put together a list of things you can do with your pet to celebrate their own special holiday!

One great and common idea is to shower your pet with treats and yummy food. Why not try baking a pet-friendly cake? There are plenty of different recipes, such as a dog carrot cake with potato frosting or pupcakes. These treats are all pet-friendly and perfect for your furry friend. No doubt they'll enjoy a lovely cake to celebrate their day! If baking is not your thing, don't worry; here at Sabre Pet Food, we stock tasty and healthy treats for your pets that will certainly leave them asking for more! You can explore our full range of Alpha Spirit Dog treats and snacks here: and our full range of Alpha Spirit Cat treats and snacks here:

Another great idea is to get your furry friends some new toys! If your companion is a dog, a couple of new tennis balls would certainly make them smile (and a little bit crazy!). Having playtime with your dogs is one of their favorite activities, so get a couple of tennis balls and a chew toy, and they'll be over the moon! If your companion is a feline, consider getting them a teaser stick or the classic red dot light and watch them run around happily chasing after it!

If your furry friend is a dog, a long and scenic walk would be a great way to celebrate their day. Take them on their favorite walk or bring them to a big open field and let them run around freely. Alternatively, take them on a completely new walk to explore new views and scenery. A walk is one of the best hours of the day for your furry companion and taking them to their favorite spot will make it extra special, all while ensuring they get the important exercise they need.

Whatever you decide to do for your pets on their respective days, make it special and give your furry friends lots of love and attention on their special day!